United Way of Hastings is pleased to announce a new
Financial Empowerment initiative...

The Power of the Pig!

What is "Financial Empowerment"?

Simply, financial empowerment means feeling in control of your own finances, having the capacity to absorb a financial shock, making financial goals, and being on track to meet them.

Why is Financial Empowerment important?

Financially empowered individuals make for stronger families, and stronger communities.

Why does United Way of Hastings care about Financial Empowerment?

Financially empowered individuals are better able to "bounce back" from financial crises such as job loss & major medical issues, and are LESS likely to need UWH funded agency services!

  Why "The Power of the Pig"?                

Saving for a rainy day, aka Emergency Fund, is one of the simplest most effective steps a financially empowered person can take to begin moving away from being "one paycheck away" from financial disaster.  There is tremendous "power" in the humble piggybank!

Watch this page for regular updates on The Power of the Pig initiative from United Way of Hastings and our Financial Empowerment partners!

Are you interested in becoming a Financial Empowerment partner? Contact us at 651-438-3337 for more information on the initiative, upcoming events and activities, and how you can help!


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