Helping Kids Succeed We have a vision, and a mission. When it comes to children, youth and young adults in our community, we want every one of them to be strong, resilient, and connected. So, we’re working to ensure they each have a healthy web of support.

To achieve that vision and mission, we’re using the Helping Kids Succeed (HKS) model. The model amplifies the positive things already happening in the community and focuses efforts to strengthen kids’ webs of support.

In 2012, Hastings, MN suffered a series of teen tragedies. Community leaders were very concerned and sought help to understand what was happening, and to try and prevent further heartbreak. They started the Helping Kids Succeed initiative.

Key Concepts
Helping Kids Succeed

  • Helping Kids Succeed is a community-based initiative seeking to build strong webs of support for all young people in Hastings, MN.
  • It is not another "program" or "youth development activity." The Helping Kids Succeed (HKS) model undergirds and supports other programming and teaching, making them more effective and creating long term impact for children and teens.
  • We're not replacing existing programs – we’re supporting and supplementing.
    • HKS is an initiative, not a program. It's flexible and responsive, able to integrate into existing programming.
  • "Webs of support" are created by key adults ("anchors") in a young person's life. These anchors provide support through authentic caring and high expectations.
    • Kids want connection, not programming! When programming works, it’s because positive connections are formed between kids and adults.

Please contact us to learn more about Helping Kids Succeed, to schedule a presentation, or to attend an HKS community partners meeting. 651-438-3337

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