UWH Awards Funding to Area Organizations
Through its Annual Grants Process

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360 Communities
Lewis House and Partners for Success® https://www.360communities.org/school-success/partners-success/

360 Communities is the innovator of changing lives and strengthening communities to a new degree by empowering and engaging people to courageously create a successful and healthy community.

Lewis House in Hastings provides shelter for sexual and domestic abuse victims. Trained advocates offer emotional support, safety planning, referrals to community resources and help in navigating the court system.

Partners for Success® supports educators and families with the implantation of home based strategies that not only improve children's academics but also connect families to the community resources found throughout Hastings! Partners for Success® social workers are currently located at Kennedy Elementary and Hastings Middle School.

Black Dirt Theater
Intergenerational Curriculum Development

Black Dirt Theater in Hastings has been performing theater in order to build community within the Hastings area. They promote the ideal of creativity in order to help with people’s lives. Their main goal is to empower people to make theater that inspires the world to change.

Intergenerational curriculum development expands its existing theater education programming to build out a full, two-year curriculum in the dramatic arts that encourages children, families, retirees, and community members of all ages to interact, create, and grow closer together.

Boy Scouts Northern Star Council
Leadership and Activities

Boy Scouts of America's mission is to provide young people with the knowledge and resources to make moral and ethical decisions throughout their lives. The 100-year history of serving young people is a testament to the powerful combination of outdoor activity, interest exploration, and youth leadership.

UWH funding for boy scouts in Hastings helps offset the costs volunteer training, program scholarships, full-time professional program staff support, youth and volunteer recognition, a regular newsletter, reference materials, audiovisual supplies, program and activity aids, liability insurance, and opportunities for camping at one of the Northern Star CouncilˇÇs camps.

Household Services and Learning Buddies

Established in 1974 DARTS is a community-based nonprofit organization in Dakota County that connects people to services that improve their quality of life, helps them age well and enables them to engage in their community. Their goal is to help seniors remain independent and live fulfilling lives as well as create connections that enrich aging.

DARTS in Hastings provides a helping hand at home with household services that allow seniors to live in their home and stay connected to their community. DARTS provides support with a free information service line for seniors and their caregivers, as well as provides transportation for seniors. Seniors may also volunteer with DARTS for the Learning Buddings program which helps students with reading, math, and science.

Friends of the Mississippi
Environmental stewardship with youth and adults

Friends of the Mississippi's goal is to engage citizens to protect, restore and enhance the Mississippi River and its watershed in the Twin Cities Region.

With funding from United Way of Hastings, Friends of the Mississippi are able to conduct further research on the river itself, while also providing programs that teach community members the importance of keeping the Mississippi River clean for generations to come.

Hastings Community Education
Disabilities Program

Hastings Community Education is part of Hastings Public Schools, encompassing over 170 square miles, geographically one of the largest school districts in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Their belief is that community education is for everyone at any stage of life, that community education can happen anywhere, it should embrace diversity and be inclusive, and it should be responsive to the ever changing needs of the community.

The Community Education Disabilities Program actively seeks to improve the quality of life for learners with disabilities by providing equitable and accessible lifelong learning opportunities. These programs include social, recreational and enrichment programs.

Hastings Community Education
Early Childhood Scholarship Program

The Hastings Early Childhood Scholarship Program's goal is to be an early path taken by parents with their child to discover tools to raise confident, responsible and well-rounded children.

With help from United Way of Hastings, young children will have the ability to attend Tilden Community Preschool through scholarships and fee assistance. The assistance of United Way also helps encourage community members to invest in the school district's Early Childhood Programs.

Hastings Family Service
Food Shelf and Summer Lunch Program

Hastings Family Service's mission is "The people of the Hastings area reaching out as Family in support and Service to one another". HFS has made a significant impact for over 45 years in the community by helping families with basic necessities such as food, clothing, housing and transportation.

UWH funding will help pay for restocking the food shelf and providing lunches during the summer.

Hastings Prescott Area Arts Council
Youth Scholarships

Founded in 2008, HPAAC was created because a group of citizens wanted bring a focus for the arts to Hastings. HPAAC’s mission is to foster the arts within our community.

HPAAC provides scholarships for local children for the arts, music, dance, literature, drama or other progrsms connected to the arts in Hastings.

Hastings Middle School
Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Hastings Middle School is a diverse community working cooperatively, to learn and grow in a safe and caring environment.

School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (SW-PBIS) allows kids to learn and perform well both academically and behaviorally through a variety of programs. The goal is to provide a safe, positive, consistent and predictable learning environment for all students and staff.

Hastings Middle School
Summer Wedge Program

Summer Wedge creates points of connection for fun activities, other students and caring adults. These students will be developing relationships with one another, gain awareness and empathy of those around them, as well as be provided breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the summer.

Hastings High School
Field Biology Class

Hastings High School is a student-centered environment, a bridge connecting students to other students, and students to teachers, staff and administrators.

The goals of the Field Biology are to describe the ecology of local ecosystems including wetlands, prairies, forest and rivers and have students learn outside in an active manner, networking with local biologists and agencies.

Hastings Middle School and High School
Special Friends Program

Hastings Middle School is a diverse community working cooperatively, to learn and grow in a safe and caring environment. Hastings High School is a student-centered environment, a bridge connecting students to other students, and students to teachers, staff and administrators.

The Special Friends program provides students with disabilities the opportunity to work on transition goals for employment, home living, community participation, and recreation/leisure skills. They provide positive work experiences for students to earn compensation for work completed and as a result are better prepared for employment experiences after high school. This all leads to a life of financial independence and stability as an adult.

Hastings Middle School
OASIS Program

Hastings Middle School is a diverse community working cooperatively, to learn and grow in a safe and caring environment. Hastings High School is a student-centered environment, a bridge connecting students to other students, and students to teachers, staff and administrators.

Opportunities After-School Improving Success or OASIS is a program that provides a safe, drug-free environment that allows students to learn through thoughtfully planned social and physical activities. UWH funding allows for enhancement of existing after school programs, provides new programs of academic enrichment, provides a healthy, and offers more off campus activities to support social skills and creates a fun-based atmosphere.

Hastings Area Senior Center
Activities and Services

The Hastings Area Senior Center provides a comprehensive program to meet the social, educational, health and human service needs of persons 50 and over who live in School District 200.

UWH funding helps to provide Transit Link coupons for seniors riding the bus to the senior center for various activities.

Legal Assistance of Dakota County
Legal Services

Legal Assistance of Dakota County believes access to justice is a fundamental value of our democracy.

Free legal services are provided to low-income residents of Hastings, primarily in the area of family law. Their services help stabilize low-income families, long-term, by resolving custody disputes, providing protection from abuse, equitably distributing property, and establishing child support orders that provide economic stability and reduce reliance on public benefits.

Job and Life Skill Training

The mission of Lifeworks is to serve our community and people with disabilities. Lifeworks envisions a community where people with disabilities are more broadly valued, hired by employers, receiving support, and participating in ordinary activities. >

Lifeworks in Hastings services individuals with disabilities of all ages and provides vocational, educational, and enrichment activities.

ProAct Incorporated
Job and Life Skill Training

ProAct is a non-profit organization that provides job training, employment, life skill training and community integration opportunities to individuals with disabilities.

ProAct in Hastings provides individuals with disabilities, men and women ages 16 and older, with skills necessary in the workplace and beyond.

True Friends
Camp and Respite Care

The mission of True Friends is to provide life-changing experiences that enhance independence and self-esteem for children and adults with disabilities. The vision of True Friends is a world where experiences and adventures are open to individuals of all abilities.

True Friends services people with disabilities in the in Hastings with scholarships to camp and respite care for families.

Our Work

We work to create and support programs, collaborations, and initiatives that bring together community members, agencies, government, businesses local churches and foundations with the goal of addressing the root cause of the needs in our community.

We work to Meet Basic Needs and Support Individuals and Families as well as address needs in three impact areas:

  • Education
  • Health & Wellness
  • Financial Stability

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