Funded Partner Agency

Become a Funded Partner Agency (FPA) Campaign Champion.  FPAs are organizations that UWH funds through our allocations process. 

Each FPA is required to conduct an annual United Way campaign each fall among its employees and Board members, encourage the participation of its constituency and members in such activities, with a focus on meeting overall community needs.


Local businesses and larger corporations offer workplace giving to their employees and give back to their communities by participating in UWH’s annual giving campaign.


Employees pledge contributions from their payroll checks.  By giving even a small amount from each pay period, it can grow to a large gift by the end of the year.


Businesses and corporations can also match employee gifts.


If your business or corporation is located outside of UWH’s service area, make sure employees know that they need to designate on their payroll deduction form for donations to go to UWH and the Hastings area.  Without this designation, donor dollars will be directed to the United Way where the business or corporation is located. 

Designate and keep your donation local!

Be a Campaign Champion and start planning your campaign today!