Food 4 Kids Weekend Meal Program

UWH became aware there were students in Hastings coming to school hungry on Monday mornings. After a pilot program verified the need for weekend meal packs, UWH launched the Food4Kids program. The school district has a shared excel sheet with the number of bags each school needs each week. We work with Coborn’s to buy food for the bags and Several local organizations help us pack the bags. Nate delivers the packed bags to local schools.

We deliver an average of 200 meal bags per WEEK to school buildings in ISD#200. Each school building support staff and/or counselor provides the Food4Kids meal bags to specific students confidentially. Support staff and/or counselors work directly with families to identify the root cause of hunger at home, and may provide other needed resources, to help ensure students come to school nourished so they can be successful at school.

Food 4 Kids Volunteers

Donate to provide weekend meals for students