What communities does UWH serve?                   

Individuals living within Independent School District #200 which encompasses portions of Dakota, Goodhue, & Washington Counties including Hastings, Hampton, Miesville, New Trier, Vermillion, Welch.

United way of hastings service area


How does United Way help?      

United Way invests dollars in assembling teams of nonprofits to work on collaborative solutions that lead to positive and sustainable outcomes for children and families, like giving kids the skills to succeed at school, teaching financial education, and giving families the tools to overcome mental health challenges.


Why should I give to United Way?   

Giving to United Way allows you to have the biggest impact on our community.  Your donation can cover a specific area or several areas in need in our community.


Who decides how the donations are spent?

Community members just like you!  Donations are spent in a couple of ways:

  1. Decisions are made through an allocations process directed by United Way with volunteer community members. Investments are directed towards initiatives and services provided by nonprofit partners with proven effectiveness in creating measurable and sustainable contributions to the community.
  2. Strategic Internal Initiatives. The Board of Directors governs United Way and sets the vision and direction. UWH conducts several internal initiatives that help achieve our mission. 


Do donations stay in the Hastings area?

Every dollar raised here stays here! You can be assured that donations go right back into the local community.


Why didn’t you receive my payroll deduction donation?

If your employer is located outside of the Hastings area, you MUST designate your payroll deduction to the United Way of Hastings. If not designated, then your donation goes to the United Way that services the area where your employer is located.