Helping Kids Succeed Handbook

UWH developed a user-friendly guidebook to the Helping Kids Succeed model. There are over 900 ideas inside on how to help children and teens build healthy webs of support!

Stop by the United Way of Hastings office during business hours to pick up free copies of the handbook.

To order copies of the handbook for mail delivery follow these easy steps:

  • Click here to start your order.
  • Choose “One Time Donation.”
  • Enter $5 in Donation Amount.
  • Click Add Dedication.
  • Choose On Behalf Of.
  • Enter “HKS Handbook” for Who.
  • Enter your name and full mailing address on Contact Information (Dave Smith – 536 Big Lake Drive, Hastings, MN 55033).
  • Enter your name and email on the next line.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Click the blue Payment button.
  • Problems? Give us a call 651-438-3337
  • We ship handbooks via USPS. Please contact us for quantities.

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Helping Kids Succeed